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  • welder problems

    Hello , I have a 16D Hobart Welder . After using the welder 6-8 times , it will refuse to weld . The brushes look like new in it and the slip rings appear to be smooth and clean . I can polish the slip rings a little and it will weld fine again . What is happening here . Also, how old is this welder and can I buy a decal kit for it . Thanks

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    Welcome Oliver,

    There should be a data tag on the control panel that lists the SPEC# and SERIAL#. A lot of these units did not use decals, but were silkscreened.

    Once you get the unit to build up power, be sure to run it with a partial load for 20-30 minutes contiuously to make sure you get the magnetic field built back up in the generator so it can hold. If the unit is not used on a regular basis the residual magnetism can bleed off.

    You may want to check the brush tension and integrity as well.