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Electrical trouble shooting

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  • Electrical trouble shooting

    This is an old red AC 225 s.
    What should transformer windings be? I need just general ohm number.

    Where can I find such useful information on this type machine? (I searched the lincoln site but only found user manual.)

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    this is a tapped transformer with "stepped control"
    I just looked at the Hobart bools here and they are "infinite control"

    Still, I need to learn about my red machine.


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      You might talk to a local repair facility, or contact Lincoln.


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        1. See if the Lincoln site has a downloadable owners manual.

        2. It's probably very few ohms (<10) with a multimeter as most of the "resistance" is across the arc and the rest is "impedance", which is the magnetic fields trying to oppose the 60 cycle reversals of current.
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          that is helpful. I got 0 ohms on what I call the primary and secondary. There are two more coils that I did not check yet.

          owners manual says, "take it to supply house and let them fix it."

          I just bought the thing. Before plugging it in I want to check everything I can.

          Thanks again for the education. If you know any more please mention it.