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  • Welding Round Stock

    Having problem welding 1/4" round steel rods - both overlapping and "T"ed. Am getting plenty of filler down, but think I'm not getting the arc into the small crevices. Any suggestions?
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    Not 100% sure what joint configuration you are referring to, and the process does matter, but if it is as pictured (tee joint), bevel the end of the rod that is the stem of the tee, fill the gap, and fillet the outside. With 1/4", it is quick, so you need to be careful to get the metal to fill completely and to get enough heat in to achieve fusion at the root. Larger rod is actually easier, as you get more time.
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      Great diagram, enlpck. I had the same problem stick welding the shafts of railroad spikes (I had cut off the heads) to 1/4" round rods in a "T" arrangement as shown. Didn't seem to be getting adequate penetration on the railroad spike shafts (6011) time I'll bevel the 1/4" rods as you showed. Thanks!