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advice on welding 2X2X1/4 angle to 3" sched 40

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  • advice on welding 2X2X1/4 angle to 3" sched 40

    Howdy all,
    I need to weld some 2X2X1/4 angle to the bottom of a 20 foot sched 40 3" pipe. I plan on using (2) 2 foot pices of angle with 1 foot welded and 1 foot hanging off the end. The two angle will be on the same end and I will butt weld where the two angles meet.

    This is the bottom section of a 40 foot mast for a wind generator so the weld has to be strong. I plan on using my Lincon 225 stick welder because I do not think I can weld this with my Hobart Handler 140 with gas. I think it may work with flux core but I do not want to change back.

    What is the bet way to get max penetration where the edge of the angle meet the pipe? Should I use a thick 6011 and high amperage?

    Ant help advice would be appriciated

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    Based on your description, I'm having a hard time picturing exactly what type of joints you are using but...

    1/8" 6011 will be fine. The hotter the better, as long as you can control it and don't get undercut.

    If it's a fillet weld, make sure the leg size equals the thickness of the smaller piece of metal.

    If it's a butt weld, grind in some grooves to guarantee max penetration.

    Be sure to do a good job cleaning up the slag in between passes.

    Edit: Another good rod choice for your AC welder would be a nice fresh box of 7018-AC.
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      Thanks for the reply, sorry for the confusion! All I want to do is lay the 2X2 angle against the outside of the pipe and weld it. The weld is simple but I normally do not need to rely on my welds for structural integrity so maybe I am looking to deep in this. I just want to make sure that the angle is as deeply welded to the pipe as can be........


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        How much of the angle iron are you going to be able to weld to the pipe?If you are going to just lay two pieces on each side I dont think you are going to have much of a weld area.I may be pictureing it wrong.You can cut two smaller pieces of angle and box the pipe in ,just to give you a little more weld area.
        You could also cut out a piece of plate to fit the contour of the pipe,weld that to the pipe then you would have the plate to weld to,that would give you a lot more metal to weld to.
        6011 and 7018 ac rods will do the trick.
        If you decide to use plate to fit the pipe .I would go with at least 3/8 plate.
        6011 first pass then cover with several passes of 7018ac.
        good luck


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          OK,Reread your post,you are welding the angle long ways not crossways,my mistake,I wouls still look at a little thicker angle ,6011s then cover with a few passes of 7018ac,will hold just fine.


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            yes, I am welding long ways..sorry for my post not being to clear. Thanks for the help! Does using the 7018 over the 6011 give a larger weld area and add a little stength to the weld?


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              Personally, I think that the welds are going to be the least of your problems compared to engineering the bases and guy wires to keep the mast up in any winds you are likely to encounter.


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                hi, you might consider getting a 3" slip on or weldneck flange for the base or a piece of plate .


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                  Like this, right??

                  How tall is this, and how large is what its holding up? This may be a more critical design than you are thinking. Not only the weld, but the type of steel in the pole, the type of joints at the top, the depth and type of your footing....a runaway windmill would be extremely dangerous!

                  then there are the liability issues...
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