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    Again, from a beginner that is learning welding:
    I watched the videos on stick welding on Aside from some info not getting thru due to the poor video quality, videos were very, very good. However I have a question that you experts should be able to answer: Let's say I need to vertical fillet weld 2 pieces of 1/2" mild steel. For the first pass, I guess this would be a weld laid straight in the corner with no weaving motion, followed by your 2nd and 3rd passes to build up the fillet if desired. From what I took away from the video, you're supposed to start at the bottom of the pieces and weld up - agree? Secondly you're supposed to "push" the puddle up, never allowing the electrode to leave the puddle. This doesn't mean the electrode actually touches the puddle, does it? Also, if I'm trying to push the puddle up, I would change from pull welding to push welding (Tony sort of aludes to this in the video) ????? If this is so, then my weld angle changes from 15 degrees to -15 degrees?????????

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    Gravity at work, here. Start at the bottom, with what's been just done having to support the puddle above it, so its all about speed and deposition technique...but #1 concern is (always) that you end up 'welding', not just 'sticking together'.
    Try looking on You has tons of great, short welding videos.
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