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some new welds what do u think

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  • some new welds what do u think

    just did these today i burned about 50 7024 in the horizontal position looks lke there getting better

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    You're getting better in keeping them straight...looks like the plate was pretty hot by the time you got to the top few welds...I think, tho, you are running a little hot, and slow....but you're getting there.


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      thats an x plate so i was welding on the other side and that is what heated it up but u say hot and solw i will keep that in mind i was running around 180 the plate is 3x7 was i was burning the hole rod in that 7in but i will try to durn it down and speed it up with i go back on sat.


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        In class, if we aren't going to bend them, we quench them between passes. This includes cutting passes; one cut, quench, cut, quench, etc.
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          i put it in water also but after i burn like 15 rods thats when it changed color when i put it in the water this is also a x plate when i start welding on the test plate ill do it like im takeing the test