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what do u think of these welds?

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  • what do u think of these welds?

    i just got into a welding class trying to get my certs in L.A county first is some 7024 2nd is 7018 3/32 horizontal and 3rd is some 6010 what do u think of them and do you have any advice i just got on this board and love it so much info thanks guys
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    over 100 views and now 1 opinion come on now


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      THey look pretty good...

      A little bit of extra spatter, but thats ok.

      Maybe the heat was a little low on #2
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        About how long was your arc, there is alot of exes spatter.
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          first pic (7024): left end top bead no fusion into the vert plate. Too much spatter. Try aiming a little more to the vert plate-- maybe 10 to 15 degrees-- to get better fusion there (gravity will pull the bead down) and keep the arc TIGHT to control the spatter. The flux should be just about touching. You can even drag it.

          Second (7018): pretty good for a first try. Watch your speed. A bit fast in spots.

          Third (6010): You need to work on controlling you speed and following line, but much of it look good, with fairly even spacing on the disms and good fusion. The not so good spots look like you tried to speed up. Spatter control comes with practice, but '10 and '11 do spatter a bit. Try adjusting the dig (arc force; voltage) control and see how it changes.
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            thanks for the replys im i was reading about controling the arc force online so im going to try to use what u guys said and what i read when i go back today thanks again for the help maybe get them looking a little better today


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              To help you keep your beads even in width, make lines with soapstone. Soon it will be second nature.


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                will do thank you for that pointer


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                  And make sure you Eat Some GRITS before welding.....
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