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Welding on the end of a cylinder

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  • Welding on the end of a cylinder

    Well my Father in Law received a beat to heck log splitter a while back. Many cracked welds, cyl. could shoot oil past the internal seals on the gland nut and designed by a young one, if ya know what I mean.

    I have fixed most of it good enough to run for a couple days just to see what we have. My current question is, the "pusher" for the log was welded straight to the cyl. rod. Poor weld, no penetration. I'd like to fire up the Forney 180 (AC) stick welder and make it good for now, whats my best bet?? I'll have to remove it to fix it better if the cylinder holds. There is so much poor weld on the cyl. that I don't want to grind for 2 days only to weld it back just to have a leak or worse.

    Thanks for the help.

    I try hard, sometimes it's hard to tell. :-)

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    Any pictures??
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      None currently, be scarred someone thought they were my welds

      I can see if I can get some, won't be untill Monday as I'm "working" this weekend.

      I try hard, sometimes it's hard to tell. :-)


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        Don't weld it.....
        Use a bolt setup to mate the cyl with the pusher. The weld will always fail from the wood grain and being pushed crooked into the wedge. I have been screwing with splitters since 1977 and seen it lots of times. Here is one i fixed for a customer that had been hacked on and welded by many people. Try to find someone with a lathe to make some parts or simply drill the cyl rod with a hand drill and fit it to the pusher...Bob
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