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  • Tombstone Rehab...

    (I've also posted this question on the Miller board... sorry for the
    repeat - I figure that there might be folks here that are not there)

    A friend of mine gave me a Lincoln Tombstone (AC-225-S) that had
    been sitting in his garage for a long time and that he did not want
    any more.

    It needs a bit of TLC. The power cord is about 6" long, the plug is gone,
    and the end looks somewhat frayed -- as if something violent
    had happened to it -- rather than a nice clean cut. So I definitely
    need to replace the cord, etc. Everything else looks well used, but
    servicable, with no obvious problems. But I have not opened
    the machine up yet.

    So since I have to open the machine up to replace the power cord, I
    was wondering if there are any other things to check, any hints,
    tips, may-as-wells, watch-out-fors, etc that anyone has.

    (I know, it's a Red machine and this is a White-n-Orange
    board -- but I figure knoweldge and experience are color-blind)

    Thanks in advance


    (and you thought I meant where Wyatt Earp goes to dry out :-)

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    Cary already gave you the best advice you'll likely hear. Those old machines are fairly bulletproof. If it was working when your friend had it, it should still be working.
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