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nysdot 1'' unlimited vert test issues

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  • nysdot 1'' unlimited vert test issues

    Having problems with arc blow on nysdot vert test-about 3/4 to 7/8 way up I encounter arc blow. I have dropped the amperage down to avoid this but end up with to cool of a pass. Running about 125 amps with excaliber 5/32 rod . My second pass all the way out to the split cap are looking good , just cant nail the root pass consistently.Anybody have ideas that might help-it would be much appreciated.
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    keep your work lead as close to the work piece as possible, that should help with arc blow.
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      What size lands and gap are you working with?

      Do you have to use a 5/32 rod or can you go smaller for the root pass?

      The general rule of thumb for dealing with arc blow is reposition the ground clamp, shorten arc length, and change electrode angle to compensate if necessary.
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        I doubt this is true arc blow. How far down are you burning the rods? There is a tendancy to change the angles as you move up, consistancy is very important.


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          using ac machine ? are you going past your duty cycle of the machine ?
          this would give you an uncontrolled arc.
          this test is a cleaning test take your time an clean your welds between rods and give the machine time to rest
          i think you'll see a difference also don't use all the rod leave a 2 " to 3" stub