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Miller light industrial stick welders

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  • Miller light industrial stick welders

    I don't plan on buying any of the miller stick welders anytime in the future unless I come across a need for one, but I was bored the other day and looked at all the different stick welders Miller has to offer.

    Why doesn't miller advertise the metal thickness the Dialarc, and all the Thunderbolts can weld? What is the difference b/w the dialarc and the 300 amp thunderbolt?

    For considering the Dialarc an industrial machine its duty cycle does not seem that impressive compared to the THunderbolts, and the smaller sizes of the thunderbolts and less weight seem to be an advantage also.

    I figured Lincoln would have a 300 amp machine if there was a nitch in the market for one, but that's probably why Miller has more of the market.

    Just looking for some interesting comments


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    There is no "metal thickness" rating for an SMAW machine. A 300 amp CC power source can weld any thickness. The heavier the metal, the more passes.

    For very thick metal, you preheat.

    For stuff like Spook2 welds with those 3/4" sticks, you use an 1800-amp power source!

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      I have a late 80's AC/DC Thunderbolt and in the last 20 years i have not turned down one job because it wasn't big enough. It has done everything i have asked of it...Bob
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        Why is it so important to rate mig machines for single pass and even some tig machines have rated thickness for single pass. If a buzz box can weld any thickness than why would they sell 3 phase power units (I know the answer just trying to get more info).

        I think on the hobart welders they rate the stickmate 1/2" on AC and 1/4" on DC, single pass?

        What are the differences b/w the Tbolt 300 and a Dialarc?



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          In my opinion the difference is going to be arc quality. My dialarc simply welds much better in my opinion than my old thunderbolt I used to have. Infact that's why I sold the old T/B


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            There probably is a difference in quality but I would tend to believe that most people couldn't tell the difference. I think the dial has a better duty cycle. I operate a lot of machines over the years and don't notice a lot of difference or maybe just don't give it a lot of thought. I have a simple Linc buzzer I use in the shop and its pretty good and my favorite portable is the bottom of the line, it just welds good, the design, whatever it is works good enough I don't feel the need to break out the SA. This is not to do with the specialist but I tend to doubt the avg guy could tell most machines apart. Certainly with any of them the ability as an operator is the ultimate limiting factor, bunch of these guys could pass xray with a tombstone and a handful of 6011.