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    [QUOTE=Black Wolf;301585]OK Joe, let's give this a whirl.

    At the bottom of your original post you stated you were using 1/8" 7018 at 100 amps.

    This last post you say you are using 80 amps.

    With 1/8" 7018 you are WAY too cold.

    I'll give you my basic settings for 7018 vertical up.

    3/32" 85-95 amps.

    1/8" 120-130 amps.

    I am also a student in an 'out of position' stick class. I too think my verts with 7018 are too convex, but the teacher has us using about 95amps with 1/8 7018 (on 3/8" plate).
    Are you using the dig function? If so, where do you set it?
    TIA, Tom


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      Arc control is neutral


      There is no need to fool around with inductance(or slope) when doing test coupons with clean steel and the thicknesses you are welding. I really do not see why your instructor is having you weld that cold....I would think that once you got past the electrodes trying to freeze into the puddle, you would end up with shallow penetration with excessive buildup with that setting.

      I, myself, was never shown or trained to weld cold. I run about as hot as I can and still control the puddle and not burn through. I run 3/32" 7018 vertical up @ the amps you are using for 1/8" 7018.

      I am not trying to undermine your instructors....I just do not understand what the purpose is behind what you are being taught.

      I almost forgot, these settings are for DCEP, I don't use AC....never seen the need for it.

      Sorry for not being more help.

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        I was taught with lh-70 lincolns 3.2 and 4.0 mm rods at cbi for a asme 9 test on 30 mm plate, we used a figure 8 weave which is a pretty big pool to control so you have to run them hot.

        I now run stringers with esab or wia E 4816 rods or kobe lb 52u 3.2 mm rods, 95 to 100 amps and travel fairly quickly with hardly much weave this works better for me now i am older.

        I split the cap and i get a nice cap with not alot of reinforcement around 2 mm high.

        I would also like to say hi from your friends here in AUSTRALIA including myself.
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          It took 11 years for the thread to make to Australia and back. That's got to be close to a record!


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              Considering the participation here 11 years looks about right.