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HH140 Regulator issues

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  • HH140 Regulator issues

    Hey Everyone. I purchased a Handler 140 from TS maybe 3 months ago and just now getting to use is with gas. The regulator that came with it is bleeding off gas at the over-pressure release valve on the bottom of the regulator no matter what I do with it. I've adjusted the T-handle to set the flow on the welder with the trigger pulled and it will just sit there and flow gas out the bottom of the valve. It says the max pressure is 3000 psi but the tank pressure is reading below 2500. Could it just be a faulty regulator?
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    Sounds like regulator has a problem.... Need to call Support to see if you need to invoke warranty....

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      Thanks Dale. Will do.


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        Originally posted by zealphanerd View Post
        Thanks Dale. Will do.
        Did you ever get this figured put?