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Gas CFH Setting a Spool Gub

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  • Gas CFH Setting a Spool Gub

    The Installing Gas Supply section in the 210 MVP manual recommends a flow rate of 20 CFH. I'm using straight Co2 with a flow rate of 18-20 CFH and have been pleased with the results I'm getting.

    Now I'm considering getting a Spool Gun and a bottle of Argon for aluminum work.

    The manual doesn't specify the type of gas, just a flow rate setting of 20 CFH. Is that for both the mig gun and a Spool Gun no matter what type of gas you're using?.
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    Pretty much, yes. You can use that as a starting point for anything. Turn down the flow until you start to get porosity in the weld, then kick it up enough so that you never do. No need to waste any more gas than that. Of course, welding outdoors may require you to bump it up to affect for slight breeze. In the wind, just give up.
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      Thanks Mac