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Regulator Gauge Oddity

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  • Regulator Gauge Oddity

    I just purchased a Hobart Handler 140 lightly used from a friend of a friend. He never used shielding gas, only flux core. However he did give me a tank of argon/CO2. I do not know if it is full or not. The regulator that came with the welder was new in the box still along with the gas hose. When I connected the system and opened the tank valve the tank pressure valve read zero. However when I turned the regulator knob while pulling the gun trigger I was able to get a steady reading of 20 on the regulated pressure gauge. I don’t understand how the tank can read zero and not the regulated pressure...? Any input is appreciated. I can hear the gas coming out of the gun so the tank is not empty.

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    It is possible that the high pressure gauge is faulty. Try tapping on it. My nitrogen regulator for AC work has gotten that way after a few years of beating around in the truck.

    Or the tank is low enough that it's just not going to register on the high pressure gauge, even though it still has enough pressure to flow the relatively very little lower pressure for quite some time before it runs out.


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      I’ll try tapping on it. Is there another way to test the level of the tank?


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        Another known good regulator.