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  • Proof of ownership of a tank

    Greetings all,
    I apologize if this has already been discussed but I could not find anything when searching.
    I'm seeking knowledge from anyone that owns their tanks. I bought a blank ring 125 about 5-6 years back thinking I'd be better off owning than leasing. I understand the "buy to be a member" idea but after getting an exchange today I have some questions. How can I actually ever own my tank again if the exchanges are stamped by Lws for ownership? If I wanted to sell this tank tomorrow how could I since they took my blank ring tank?
    Another question is about the hydro test. The one I purchased used was within test date. The empty 125 I exchanged today was 15+, but the full tank received today, 2/5/18, is a 10+ and is not new. Isn't the test good for 5 years on used tanks or am I misinformed? My concern is will I be paying for the test next time. My exchange cost was $91 from PRAXAIR, ND

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    It's pretty much an honor system. It has worked well for many many years. I'm sure that somewhere down the road some corporation will do something to blow the whole deal up but not yet. You own 'a' tank, the one that's in your shop. As long as you've got the bill of sale you're covered. I've got seven tanks I think, have a bill of sale for maybe two if I search real hard. Never been a problem yet and I've been all over multiple western states with them over the years. When I take a tank in they hardly even give it a glance, just wheel out another and off you go.

    As far as the inspection goes, you're paying for the inspection whether you see a line item or not. When I take one of mine in now they charge a fee of about 1/2 of a real inspection fee for each swap as a line item. Others have charged one larger fee for a full tank with no mention of an inspection.


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      I had a bill of sale for my oxy and acet tanks, but lost them years ago.... Newer tank on scene is for C25, problem is after a while the funky print through carbon copy you get the ink fades and it looks like a blank sheet.... Never had trouble with exchanges, usually go into counter and do the deal and dock rat usually has my old tanks out of PU and new tank already loaded by time I have the paper work done.... Never a question asked... Never had dates checked... Figure it was part of gas supplier to ensure tanks were tested ...

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        Thanks for the info, I have only dealt with leasing smaller tanks prior to owning a tank and exchanging twice. As long as when I need an exchange, I don't hear "we can't fill/exchange tank until it is retested." Since they know I "own" say tank. But sounds like I shouldnt have any problems


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          My tanks are owned and always have been for better than 35 years. Think I have nine in total of all sizes. I do write on them when exchanged in paint marker so if it's test time the LWS charges me a single test no matter the quantity of tanks being exchanged. It's a good honor system and in my case works well.
          Thanks for reading/listening.

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