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  • Gauge issue?

    Used my new MVP210 for the 1st yesterday. Hooked it up to newly filled bottle of C25. Opened the valve and gauge on the right rose showing tank pressure as expected. The flow gauge on the left slowly rose until it was pegged, maxed out. I turned the knob and it had now affect on the displayed pressure. When i pull the trigger the preeure drops, where it drops to does seem to be adjusted by the knob.

    This is the regulator that came with my welder. Is this how it is supposed to work? Seems to me it would show what you adjusted it to, much like an air compressor does. I appreciate any thoughts.
    Handler 210 MVP

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    Already spoke to Hobart, new regulator in the mail.
    Handler 210 MVP


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      maybe a small leak.

      It is possible the diaphragm in the regulator is not seating. Turn the gas off and pull the mig gun trigger to let out all the gas. Back out the regulator adjustment screw some then open the cylinder valve again. A small drop is expected when you pull the trigger. A big drop is usually caused by a leaking diaphragm. Doesn't mean you are loosing gas. A small amount of high pressure is flowing into the low pressure side.
      Now, on the other hand, put your finger on the little hole on the side of the regulator near the set screw. If you can feel the gas escaping, then you have a junked regulator. Or it is frozen, but not likely with hobby work.
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        Thank you. New one should be here tomorrow so I hope this will be resolved. I think you are right about the diaphragm getting pressure on the other side.

        Thanks again for replying. Is there always such a large delay between the replay and when it posts? Might just be because I am brand new to the site.

        Handler 210 MVP