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    Sorry for the sideways pict?
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      Originally posted by Dale M. View Post
      Um... Sort of off topic, but I always wondered why people do this.... Seems its a really good way to possible damage MIG gun at worst possible time...

      I just perfer to have a couple of horns on side of cart where calbe can be looped over and gun just hang....

      This one isn't as bad as it looks, if one happens to bump into it, it is more likely to move sideways than break.
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        the problem is the wheels.

        Too small. I have 10" wheels on my carts. Except one has 4" front casters and 10" rear wheels. A lot of bread for big casters and wheels but you will not have to upgrade.. Little wheels are a hassle.
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          An alternative to turning in your pristine tank

          Get over thinking your pretty tank is going to be lovingly refilled, set aside to keep it from getting scratched, then rolled out to present it to you...much like showing you your new baby...Ain't gonna happen!...but...

          if you want a pretty one setting in your immaculate shop-consider a tank cover that you slip over your refilled tank before attaching the gauges....could be a metal sleeve painted to your taste, plated or polished...I picked up a freebie charcoal filter tank at a yard sale that had a chrome-looking slip-sleeve over the fiberglass tank itself. One of these could be slit on the back to provide a bit more room, if needed, two could be sectioned to provide extra height, etc....

          and then there are fabric covers that can be sewn up to slip over (I suggest fire proof)...or..

          Cut the bottom off a larger tank that will slip over yours (they are HEAVY, though, so think this one through)
          "Good Enough Never Is"