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75/25 Price at Airgas

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  • 75/25 Price at Airgas

    I stopped yesterday at the "new location" for the Janesville, WI store.
    I got 2 fills on 80 cube bottles, it runs $49 apiece.
    Maybe time to start shopping around?

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    Maybe, maybe not. I believe you'll find the cost of a fill to be rising across the board. It's the price of doing business in inflationary times......


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      Gas prices and cylinder pricing and buy/lease options vary from location to location. It is a lesson in futility to try to compare across the country, all you can do is check locally or regionally.


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        Airgas is all over the board on pricing, but I have always found them higher than competitors...

        Went to buy a 125cf C25 bottle, Airgas $299.... Praxair $189... go figure...

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          The best and most economical avenue is buy an empty bottle from IOC and have it filled. IOC's bottles are Manchester Tank for the most part. But then, I'm not into trading bottles, I own and fill my own.


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            Funny you should mention "OWN"

            I was cleaning around in the shop and pulled out a mini set of Ox-Acet bottles with Airgas stickers on them.
            I had bought them at a Fleamarket with a torch set a long time ago.
            I asked about upgrading for a second 80 cube bottle, the "New" guy behind the counter gave me $125 trade-in value!
            If I had known that was going to be that easy I would have taken a half empty CO2 bottle in also!
            It was only half empty which is why I didn't grab it in the first place.
            Its a 30 mile drive one way, hence the need for a second bottle.


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              You didn't go to the Airgas LWS I no longer go to. They would break out the fleecing shears when I pulled in.

              The Praxair affiliate (GTS-Welco) is the go-to place for me. The guy running it is very good to the weekend warrior that doesn't run an account. He will special-order if something isn't in stock and will deal on price. The other three might get a visit for that odd consumable but I haven't had to do that for several years.
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                CO2 Bottle

                I keep saving it thinking I want to try it on the MIG??
                After all it is "good" gas.


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                  100% argon

                  Cost for a 125 of 100% ARGON today at AIRGAS was $65.


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                    gas prices

                    Definitely shop around. Airgas always over charges. Try a small LWS . I got a 280 cu. ft. 75/25 refilled at my small LWS for 48.00 including the hazmat charge. I hope Airgas goes out of business , they are awful and the sales people are rude.


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                      Just remember, the wholesale price is probably similar across the board. Do you really believe your local local local welding supplier has the resources to operate his own gas/bottling plant? Any price difference, has to do with his or her own efficiencies, volume, and whatever markup he or she chooses to apply. They are buying the gas placed in bottles from the same source everybody else is, it's kind of like gasoline. It all comes from the same pipeline.

                      My local welding supply gets their gasses from a certain nation-wide company, that has a fill plant in the SF Bay Area. I have no idea how the price to me compares with other suppliers, I don't price shop for supplies. I doubt if I was paying a few dollars more for gas, it would make much difference to my bottom line at the end of the year. I suspect if I had to drive twenty miles more, to get gas and supplies from other suppliers, this would cost me, both in time and money. Being in business, I am more interested in speed, convenience, efficiency, and consistency.
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                        Last 2 Trips

                        have been to AirGas West Allis plant instead of the Janesville store, the prices are a $20 savings as long as I am not making a special trip!