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Straight Argon for welding SS?

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  • Straight Argon for welding SS?

    My welder is currently setup for aluminum welding with 100% argon. Can I use the straight argon with SS welding wire to weld SS?

    I need to weld a stainless steel bung to an exhaust manifold.

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    What process you planning to use?

    If it's GTAW (Tig) you're good to go with straight argon.

    If it's GMAW (Mig) you're better served with a Tri-mix. SS and straight argon do not do well in the GMAW process.

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      I agree 100% argon works for TIG. That is all we use at work and it works great.

      For MIG, 98% argon 2% oxygen will work good, but it is a hot process. You won't get a stable arc with 100% argon though.


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        you are good to go with 100% argon on ss with tig


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          I am using a MIG welder.


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            If the straight argon and SS wire wont work, can I just use flux-core wire to weld the stainless bung to the manifold?

            BTW, the exhaust manifold is cast iron.