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Cylinder exchange..why have to pay for new cylinder?

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    I do not buy gas often as I had a 250 cubic ft. tank and that is a pretty big tank. I just exchanged the tank out because the old one leaked and I lost over half the gas. They decided it was a bad valve and they replaced it with a full one for free and the new one is a NEW one, I am the first to get it. They did not have a 250 so they gave me a 330. The guy that traded it out for me said the gas went up and it is currently $55 to trade out the 330 tank. Not bad for that much gas and I am not a production shop. This tank will probably last me a year as long as the son remembers to turn it off when he uses it.

    Doesn't anyone you know have a MIG you can try? If not, send me an email and you can come and try mine. Some generous people helped me get this welder and the least I can do is use it to help others in some way.

    Let me know if I can help.


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      Thanks, Bob...I may take you up on your invite one of these days when I make one of my King Metal runs.



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        You might ask at TSC about the thoroughbred cylinders they will take in private bottles if you sign the release form and at one time they had a 20$ one time tranfer fee plus a ert fee of like 25$ if yours was out of date. But then you can trade with them anytime.. The places i have local dont carry alot of blends though and i like 100% argon for my tig and they dont have it but mig gas mix is always in stock.


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          Well, I found a place on Northside Fort 80cf of 75/25 for $175 (first full bottle) ...wasn't a new cylinder but they didn't claim that it was so I'm OK with it..receipt says I "own" it..refills will be $25...I guess part of this upfront cost is the business' cost of making sure subusequent bottles are safe, etc.

          Now I need to post some questions about first time gas use.


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            Originally posted by HOTROD01 View Post
            If you try the gas you will like it and will not want to go back to flux core unless you have no other choice. I used flux core for about three months when I first got my mig then got the gas kit and have only used flux core on rare ocassion when I ran out of gas. you will lay down a much more satisfying weld with gas.

            The reason I go back to flux core is when its windy, I can't weld with gas outside. Flux core, though messy, allows me to finish.


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              This is kind of an old thread, but just to add to what geezer said, FC will also help you out if you have a smallish welder and need to stick something heavier together. It's no replacement for a bigger welder, but it does give you a little more heat. They each have their place.

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                Bottle Exchange

                Originally posted by usmcpop View Post
                Northern Tool and Tractor Supply both sell the Thoroughbred cylinders and exchange them.
                Here in this third world country of Central Louisiana out Tractor supply said they didn't exchange bottles even though I told them I saw it in the catalog