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Lincoln Pro-Cut 60 fix

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  • Lincoln Pro-Cut 60 fix

    I picked up a used Pro-Cut 60 and it didn't arc. I have read all the complaints about this issue and no one seems to have a fix and thus these have been cast aside.
    I have found the fix.
    Its the torch that is the issue. I found a company called PlasmaDyn who makes their own torches for these machines at a fraction of the cost of the Lincoln one (under $300!). Installed it and the Pro-Cut works flawlessly. The consumables are also very reasonable (ten drag tips with igniters for $30!) and they are the traditional size and not the funky tapered ones the original one used.
    Have one of these Sherman Tanks around? Bring it back to life!

    No, I don't work for PlasmaDyn

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    I got one I will pull out of the weeds was giving us a fit then. Its been sitting a while. We thought it was a board problem, maybe not..