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12ci compressor pulses

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  • 12ci compressor pulses

    I was using the cutter the other day to slice through some welds, and was doing fine until I went to cut the next weld and instead of a steady flow, the compressor was turning on and off. As soon as I let off the trigger, the compressor was full on, good air flow through the tip.

    That rules out a compressor issue, so what is causing it to pulse? Up until then it was cutting fine. I moved over to a welding table and made sure the ground was good, and it strikes an arc for a split second before pulsing off and each pulse is weaker and weaker.

    I have replacement tips and electrodes ordered, bought the wrong ones yesterday, package said 12ci but they are for the XT12r torch, which I don't have. I have been cutting through 1/2" steel with it, so I know it was working fine up until the other day.

    Hoping its just the consumables, but would like to know if anyone else has had this issue and found the exact cause. Is there anything else I can check on the unit?