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Hypertherm 30xp vs used Hobart 40i GEN 1

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  • Hypertherm 30xp vs used Hobart 40i GEN 1

    The title says it. Those are my options. But here's the details...

    I'm coming from a Harbor Freight Titanium that I got on an open box sale 60% off. Already sold it for what I paid. I generally cut 16ga to 3/8, but I'd like the ability to cut 1/2 if needed. I'm all hobby use only, but you never know what future projects require. I don't do CNC and have no current way to even set up a table - even if it was free. I always hear people say buy bigger than you think you need, and I REALLY wish I could.

    My air power consists of 5cfm @ 90 psi from 225psi 15 gallon tank. The compressor is rated as continuous use. My air situation CAN"T change. There's no way to add another 240v outlet to my shop, and I honestly can't add a large tank inside or outside for multiple reasons. I REALLY wanted a Hypertherm 45xp, but after hours of reading, I'm seeing I don't have the air to support it. That could change... but that would be several years down the road when we move. I looked at the current Hobart 40i GEN 2, but it also has the same air requirements. I've poured over specs and reviews.

    I'm looking at the Hypertherm 30xp, but I'm afraid it'll end up too small. I've found a used 2021 Hobart 40i gen 1 locally that's made 2 cuts. The gen 1 has a cfm requirement of 4.8psi. They want $1200 (might take less). I have friends that know the sellers. It looks brand new. But unless someone else can tell me different, the Hobart warranty won't apply to me as the second hand owner.

    Which would you buy in this situation?

    Cross posted on weldingweb, but I thought it would more likely to find those with experience with the Hobart gen 1 here.

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