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Source for Hobart Airforce 250ci circuit card

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  • Source for Hobart Airforce 250ci circuit card

    After troubleshooting everything I can, I believe I need to replace my circuit board. The pilot arc won’t transfer and most EVERYTHING has been replaced except for the board (consumables, grounding clamp/cable, etc). When I pull the trigger, the pilot arc comes on along with the compressor but cuts out after 4-5 seconds.

    A repair shop in Dallas said he bets it’s the board and wants $1400. Online still only saves me a few hundred dollars when I see the board for $1100.

    Anyone have a board, a good source for more affordable prices, an extra unit you want to sell or possibly a contact for a company that repairs boards?

    Thanks for any thoughts on solutions.

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    Might check here..... For repairs....

    In business since 1978, Innovat Corporation troubleshoots and repairs printed circuit boards for Welding Equipment and also for some related industrial equi ...

    York Electronics is an Industrial Electronics Repair Service that specializes in the repair of electronic PC boards, DC motor controls and industrial electronic repair and welding board repair.


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      York confirmed today that they can’t repair it due to the components on the board. Their comment was they do t think anyone is able to repair and it requires replacement.


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        At that price you could buy a new 12ci and have $500 bucks left over.