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250ci not coming on

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  • 250ci not coming on

    i have a 250ci that i received practically brand new from a customer for doing some side work(cnc repair). it was still new in the box when i got, i used it 4 or 5 times and then it will not come on.
    the lights on the front dont come on and it doesnt do anything.
    i have checked amd changed all the consumables and everything is in good working order.
    i have the correct voltage going to the board but that is the limit of what i know for sure, there is nothing burnt on the board nor does anything appear to be in bad condition, i have used a flashlight to shine thru the board and i dont see anything out of the ordinary that could cause a short or an open circuit.
    i have priced a "replacement" board a while back but it was 90% the price of entirely new equilvent machine, does anyone know of a fix i can try or a way to get it fixed without spending $700+?

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    There should be a couple LED lights on the PC board inside the machine, are those lighting up at all?


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      no they are not... nothing happens... no noise(clicks) or nothing comes on/lights up. i have voltage coming in to board but thats it... any direction to trace down problem components would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!! and rewarded... lol


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        What voltage do you have incoming to the board?


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          sorry for late reply...i need to set up notifications somehow. i have 120.6V going thru the switch and TO THE board on #1(blk) #2(red)
          on #3(white) theres theres 11.2V
          when it is switched to on i do have 120v going to a pin on a relay and what looks to be a disc capacitor... besides that i haven't found voltage with tigger pressed or off anywhere else.... relay bad?!?
          i suppose i cant break it any more...ill try to find a replacement relay.
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