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Thermal Dynamics 38xl not firing

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  • Thermal Dynamics 38xl not firing

    Picked up a used 38xl at an auction. $75 bucks so not the end of the world if it doesn't work. So far it turns on, AC light comes on, gas light is on. No DC light and it will only strike an arc for a split second intermittently. I'm look at the bag of TD electrodes and tips that came with it and think I may have the wrong ones. Also the ceramic gas ring is burnt pretty good. It came with 9-6501 tips and 9-6006 electrodes. All the info I can find says I should have 9-6501 tips and 9-6506 electrodes. Is this correct? What the difference between the 6506 and 6006 electrodes?
    Not sure if this bit of troubleshooting says anything but with all tips and electrodes installed I get nothing but an intermittent spark and no DC light. With all tips and electrodes removed I can get spark and the DC light is on. I have ordered a new set of tips, cups and electrodes so I'll see how it works when they get here.