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    Thanks all for your input. And a special thanks to CC for the explanation, You nailed it. Once I read it I realized what I had done wrong. I had only 1 120 leg going into the cutter. Switched the wiring as per your direction an all is well. I fired up everything and ran the cutter for 10 minutes making various cuts and it performed as expected. Very little draw on the generator. As for using a compressor I will most likely plug into a customer outlet. There is always one within 100ft or so. I haven't decided on what capacity compressor to purchase. My shop compressor is a 30 gallon but I don't wish to disconnect it from the plumbing. So a small, perhaps a 20 gallon is most likely my next purchase. Input and or recommendations would be welcome on that for sure. Thanks again Fellas.


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      Originally posted by canoecruiser View Post
      ...The 10-2 can be Romex-type house wiring or better would be SO or SJO rubber-insulated wire. The folks at the stores can show you what they have and you can select whatever you like. The 10-2 means it has two insulated #10 current-carrying wires and a ground wire. Romex (Type NM cable) has a bare ground while the SO or SJO has a green insulated ground....
      NM cable (Romex) would work, yes, but is not the legal or proper way to do it.

      A cord (instead of a cable) is the proper way, but note that it will now be a 10-3 instead of a 10-2. Cord counts the insulated green in the nomenclature. Cable does not count the bare in its nomenclature, even though they are used as a grounding conductor in both cases.

      As a separate issue, #12 would work fine for this machine and for the length of an adapter cord. I'd guess the machine has a #12 cord factory-installed. If I'm wrong, don't go smaller than the factory cord. #10 is bigger than #12. Either may need to be doubled over to be clamped securely in the 50A receptacle.