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Plazcut Jr. Gun Circuit

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  • Plazcut Jr. Gun Circuit

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ID:	667759So after toiling for days, removing circuit cards for relay testing and blowing fuses testing various circuits and Oh yea even trying to make sense of the Schematic I could not figure how to replace that stupid SAF blowback torch that is awkward to use, really Bubble Gum design and parts are not available for anymore. The problem was trying to find the switching circuit for energizing the relay board for air and plazma so that an ordinary plazma gun could be utilized. The whole time the answer was in front of me but I never noticed it. So to test I charged the Jr. with air and set it to low removed the leads #206 and#207 from the air switch and installed an external push button starter switch in the white leads and pushed the gun down on the metal to be cut and nothing happened until I pressed the button on the external starter switch and Whalla!...FIRE! and air. So now all I have to do is get a gun and some minor pieces to convert and now I know where to put the two leads from the gun switch. I will probably parallel the wires off of the existing air switch so that I don't have to remove the sucker and store it somewhere else. Anyways glad I didn't have to give the Jr. to someone who would've probably set it out in an alley somewhere for trash.

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    Why not just replace the air switch?? Instead of farting around with an external push button or toggle switch....


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      Originally posted by martoli View Post
      . Anyways glad I didn't have to give the Jr. to someone who would've probably set it out in an alley somewhere for trash.
      To bad because I look in alleys for useable stuff.....

      "Fear The Government That Wants To Take Your Guns" - Thomas Jefferson..


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        Originally posted by SidecarFlip
        I paragraphed your post to make it somewhat easier to read despite the run on sentences.....
        AwwwnowFlipdon't be suchapartypooper.Useyourimaginationasto what is trying to beposted.
        Comeonnowgive ussome,slack.....


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          Thx Sidecarflip

          Thanks for the paragraph fix Sidecar. You did me Justice for sure! I'll paragraph next time and make it all pretty for you to read easily. Back to school for more life lessons..


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            Hey Martoli,

            I saw your post on the forum about adding a retrofit torch to your old Miller plasma cutter. last week i got as a gift an old SAF plasma which is the same machine.
            The push-down torch parts have worn out and in I cannot get any parts in Holland of France anymore, same as you experienced probably.

            I have ordered a simple torch to see wether i can get the unit to work, all seems fine in "idle mode".

            Is all you did really put a push-switch in wire 206-207 and rig up the new torch to the machine?

            any info highly appreciated.

            Best regards from Thomas Rouw