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  • Samedre Semiarc 2012

    Does anyone know anything about this plasma cutter sold by Sears?

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    It looks like it is ordered through Sears and drop-shipped from the importer. Sears does not stock parts locally or provide service after the sale.

    I would estimate it's comparable to a Harbor Freight unit. To really get a good idea, go to your local welding store that carries Simadre and see it in person. It is a lot cheaper to buy than a Hypertherm or Thermal Dynamics or Hobart, etc. They save money by not having costly local representation to supply you with consumables when you need them, or great tech support like the others mentioned above. Also, manuals on the Far East imports are often just a few pages but who reads manuals anyway? With so many people being functional illiterates, where's the need? I read that it uses Toshiba "transitors" and a German "colling" system. They claim it should provide many years of service but we'll have to wait on that one. They also boast about all the excellent feedbacks they get from customers!

    From the welding forums the Far East machines appear to be easy to work on and those folks that find they don't work when the box is opened often get them going within a few months at most. There is an active community of owners that help each other out when they fail so there's some tech support. Get friendly with them. Can't say what consumables cost...there are four LWS that stock Hypertherm and three that have Thermal Dynamics parts where I live, but no one has any Simadre stuff. But other parts can be found locally, like the switch on the handle. On a T-D torch it is an integrated unit but on the Simadre the picture shows a switch held on with two nylon tie-wraps. If the tie-wraps break you can go to Lowes and get new ones, and a replacement switch is only as far away as the shelf with doorbell buttons. I'm sure something can be adapted.

    Actually this isn't the best place for advice on this class of machine. Why not go to the Simadre forum on their website? I can't locate it but I'm sure it's out there.
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      Simadre, Samedre ???

      Got a 3 in ! under the first brand name. First two I was sent from the seller were DOA or died when I plugged it it. Third worked fine but I replaced all the cheap accessories like the regulator, ground clamp, water separator, etc with something useable. It worked for a couple years of light use then it just stopped working. Definitely not worth the money.

      I heard the seller changed the name to avoid previous bad press.



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        Might as well, buy a harbor freight one if you are near one of there stores. You can take it back if it doesn't plug and play as they say. You can get consumables for it all the time other than if you order them in between container arrivals. If it does work take it back and get your money back or exchange it. They are import units. If you are worried about it working long term get the insurance you take it back and they give you a current model or you can upgrade.

        I personally can see buying from flea bay a import unit with out local consumable support. From somebody you may never be able to contact again after your check clears.

        This is the place were I admit that I have a Hpyerthrem 600 got a **** of a deal when the new version inverters replaced a number of their machines. I also have MillerTIG and Stick along with a Linc MIG. I have had a Clark MIG that worked great for years and the guy that bought it from me is happy with it. I do have a campbell hausfleid 110 volt stick buzz box that is great for what it is made for. I am not a 16 hour a day welder. They have all down what they are made for. The HF stuff is homeowner/hobbyist.

        If you are buying an import plasma or TIG or welder buy it from HF where you know they will take care of any problems. I can say that the only time I have ever seen the people at the local store give anybody a hard time is when the party complaining was being a real a$$ and giving the 20'something a hard time about the pile of sh*t equipment. They have no control over what corporate does or sells. I know why you are there giving the poor kid crap, because your wife would hit ya with a frying pan if you talked to her that way.

        Remove all the hassles and uncertainty with an import unit, buy it at Harbor Freight. I will admit that I own a lot of HF stuff most is tools and equipment that gets limited use. Any problem I have had I take it back and either get another that works or my money back!

        If you don't like HF than that's fine. The above is my opinion, rather than buying something unkown from the thieves on flea bay, or the brand that is sold on CL.
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