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Paralleling Plasma Cutters

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  • Paralleling Plasma Cutters

    Hi group, I've had a Miller Spectrum 500 for a while and like everyone else that gets serious about plasma cutting steel they just seem to be starved for more power. As of this writing I can cut 1/2" barely and with a kerf at full power. I've been lurking around seeking the more powerful cutters which seem to be hard to come by at reasonable price or are out of my budget range. So I have a chance to get another bare bones Spectrum 500 without a torch for a reasonable price. This thought occured to me that in the past guys would parallel engine drives for more power and why not do this with plasma cutters? Has anybody tried this before or is this a disastrous scenerio?..I'm kinda excited about the idea but I'm wondering if it's ever been done.

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    I believe you are limited by torch design. You might wind up with 2 rocks in the end.

    I believe I'd bite the bullet and buy a bigger capacity machine.
    So little time...So many machine tools.........

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      I guess your right Sidecar. The only solution for parallelling type application is a Single head torch w/2 hoses feeding into it and that would be kinda cumbersome to say the least. I'll look into a hypermax A120 and embellish the portability of such a small machine with such a high output instead. Thanks for the reply...