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  • Tested from factory?

    Does Hobart/Miller test new Plasma cutters at the factory by Lighting them up?Bought a brand new one from TSC this week and when I opened the box every thing looked Factory packaged.Noticed the Torch has a tip in it that is charred around the hole.Hole looks slightly larger than the 2 new ones still sealed in the factory plastic baggy.Wondering if maybe someone played with it at the store(Had to be shipped to my local store from another) or if it was just test lit at the factory.

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    After a full electrical test every plasma unit is final tested by performing a test cut to insure that the machine is fully operational before being boxed.



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      Thanks.I didn't know if they did actual burn testing or just continuity testing.Wanted to make sure I was actually getting a brand new unit.A lot of green to be dishing out if it had been played with at the store by who knows.Good to know it hasn't been messed with.