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  • Powermax 1100

    I just bought a used Powermax 1100 plasma. I think I got a pretty good deal on it. I paid $500. Tried it out yesterday and found it works really well. I cut up an angle iron rack I built a couple years ago and we don't use anymore. Its been sitting around the shop getting in the way because I never felt like going at it with a zip disc. Took about 1o minutes to chop it into angle iron. Then I did a job the fellow next to my shop asked me about and I was putting off. He has a cast iron two piece grate around the base of a tree to cover the hole in the center of a concrete patio. The grate was slotted and about an inch thick. Turned the plasma up to almost full and cut away. 15 minutes later the two grates were cut and ready for me to weld a new rim on.

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    You got a great deal....that plasma has a few years on it, but it is still a better performing system than many of the new systems at 5 to 7 times the price.

    Jim Colt


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      Good to hear. I thought it looked like a good deal but didn't have a lot of time to research it so I just jumped at it.