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Plasma Oxy/fuel cutting table grate

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  • Plasma Oxy/fuel cutting table grate

    The finished grate 17.5" wide and 36" long made up of some new strap steel and some salvaged strap steel that I had used in high school. To make my parent a garbage can rack. Well the rack was pitched a couple years ago, so I brought it home and cut it up so the strap could be used .

    Here is the pieces being assembled, with the spacers and the holes and connecting rods. It is just tack welded at the intersections, the rods are placed at 9",18", 27" so as the straps are being cut on the edge by the torch or plasma. If one is cut all the way through it will stay in place. Of course it is a double sided piece you can cut on either side of it.
    I used up most of the short pieces of strap welded the together.
    glen, been there, done that and probably broke it!If you aren't on the edge. You'r taking up to much room