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  • Which plasma?

    I've never owned a plasma before & would like some input on a reasonably priced machine.(make, model etc.)

    I usually would be cutting 20-16 gauge sheet (i.e. auto body thickness).
    The must I'd ever sever cut would probably be 1/4''.

    Any suggestions?

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    Hypertherm Powermax
    Miller Spectrum
    Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster

    Any of these would be nice choices, in my opinion. I'd suggest researching them and choose the one you would feel most comfortable with purchasing.


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      Hobart/ Miller 125 c/ ci machine only 12 amps but will work for you. There are a few good deals around the Esab 250 handyplasma which is a 18 amp 120 volt only machine. It's Italian but mine came with a 5 year warranty. Traded my older Pak-Master 38XL in on it. The Thermal had the upograded 1 torch on it and cut as well as any of the new units. The reason I like the Esab is the torch is way smaller for getting into places that the larger Miller/Hypertherm/ Thermal torch will not go.
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        Take a good look at a Thermal Dynamics TD39, it will serve your needs with no problem. I use mine quite a bit and am extremely happy with it. Cyber Weld usually has a good price on them along with free freight.
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          Ramsond is a good choice

          I just boughgt a Ramsond off ebay for little over 460.00 and I tell you one thing it cuts GREAT! Ijust got back into welding and Im in the process of building my first big trailer rig . It cuts through a 250 gallon propane tank like butter.


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            Do you have an air compressor? If so, the sky is the limit. If not, and you don't want to fork out the cash for one, buy a plasma with a built in air compressor. There are good deals out there, just shop a little. ---Mike---

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              Originally posted by mike6845 View Post
              Take a good look at a Thermal Dynamics TD39, it will serve your needs with no problem. I use mine quite a bit and am extremely happy with it. Cyber Weld usually has a good price on them along with free freight.
              Ditto, for the needs you described.
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                Seeing as how you're new to the board, I'd recommend you do a search on plasma cutters. You'll get more information than you will be able to read. This subject seems to get a "new" thread every three or four days.

                Oh great, now we've got a new poster bragging about cutting up a propane tank with his new Chinese POS. I'm "sure" he followed all the recommended safety procedures prior to lighting up on that tank. That was a bad comment in that it tends to "minimize" the potential dangers of dealing with old fuel tanks.

                He's probably planning to build that "big trailer" with his new 120v mig also.
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