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hypertherm or miller

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  • hypertherm or miller

    I know it has been beaten up, but I have to ask before I pull the trigger. I am looking at the powermax 30 or the miller extreme 375. I am leaning toward the powemax 30 ,but I want to make sure. Are consumables readily available for both units? Sorry to bring this one up again . I just don't want to make a mistake.

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    You won't be making a mistake with either of those. I have the Miller and I like it alot. Others, who use the Hypertherm, will say the same about theirs.


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      As been said both are good machines I just purchased a hpyerthrem that is being replaced by their new unit. And getting the consumables is a great advantage for both of the machines. Whether its the LWS or Online. I haven't used them yet built everybody that has seems to think they are the greatest.

      Just remember dry/oil free air, and using a non conductive template or straight edge makes the consumables last longer.
      glen, been there, done that and probably broke it!If you aren't on the edge. You'r taking up to much room


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        Orderd the Hypertherm. Should be here monday