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    Hello all, Saw this plasma cutter at TSC and the price is decent. I already have the Hobart 187 welder and it is putting up with my beginner's attempts to weld stuff. Most of the metal I have to practice with is scrap and I am pretty tired of cutting it up with my angle grinder etc. This is a hobby for me and I will be cutting 1/2 inch thick and less material. How reliable are these, cost of consumables OK, and do they perform well in thier intended range? Any opinions etc are welcome, thanks.

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    The AF400 is basically the same machine as the Miller Spectrum 375, which is one of the top three machines in its class, along with the TD and Hypertherm offerings. It should perform flawlessly within its intended range. That said, 1/2" is not within its intended range. If you seriously need to cut 1/2" material, you need to move up to at least an AF 625/Spectrum 625.
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      I found an AF 400 advertised for $600 that claims to be new in the box. I called the guy and it sounded fishy. I asked him if I he had somewhere I could plug it in to try it and he said no, its brand new. I am concerned it may be hot, or not work at all. I doubt Hobart would warranty this one if it was dead.

      It must have been a deal...its gone.
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