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    Before firing up my new Air Force 400 a few newbie questions.
    How long do the consumables last? and Is it better to have the tip up .125 off the work then touching it.
    Also what shade is best?
    Thanks in advance.

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    The consumables will last longer if you have a filter/dryer on your air supply...the tip can have two different for contact drag, and another for 1/2" stand-off. Have spare consumables ready.


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      the AF400 is a low amperage machine (27) and can be dragged with the extended tip (the type supplied w/ the machine) but it will double arc, the plasma will jump the the inside of the tip reducing tip life, but will not damage the machine, drag tips/sheilds/retaining cups are available for dragging with out this happening.
      a 1/8" standoff is good.
      electrode life is in the 100's of starts if you start it only to cut (every time you start a bit of the hafnium is ablated (blown off), so unnecessary starts reduce life.)
      tip life is dependant on, as Rocky said, good clean dry air at the required flow, moist air will eat tips and electrodes.

      as for shade i use a 4.


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        thanks guys!

        Yes i do have clean dry air available which is good. The tips supplied with the machine I guess are not the ones I want to use for dragging. Where is a good supply house to order the drag type tips?


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          There's a couple I like: