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    I've stated elsewhere here that I finally got a Cutmaster 38 from Thermal Dynamics.

    When I bought it, one of the draws of the machine was that it could run off 120v or 230v, and since I had no plans at the time for a 230v line (would've required an entire panel change), I got it with the intent to use it on 120v, despite warnings from folks here and elsewhere that I would only be able to cut thin stuff with it.

    Now, the manual clearly says it would run off 120V, 20Amps, so I had an electrician come over and he read the manual and he agreed that the manual clearly said I needed at least a 120V 20amp line.

    So, I had a 120v, 20Amp line put in my garage to handle it, and I threw the breaker every stinking time I used the little bugger, even when the dial was set on the lowest possible output setting!

    We looked at the manual once more, and it definitely said we needed a 120V, 20Amp line, so we couldn't figure out what the problem was.

    Then I happened to download the brochure for the 38, and it clearly says you need a 29 Amp breaker for 120Volts! Guess someone at the company forgot to proofread the manual.

    Anyway, I eventually had a whole new panel installed, along with the 230v line and it's been smooth sailing ever since.

    Just thought I'd share that...

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    Unfortunately, customers are the best proofreaders and debuggers there are. Our company has the same problem. When you are familiar with something, it's much more difficult to catch the little errors than if you are not familiar with it. Not making excuses for TA, but...

    Congrats on the new toy!

    Still building my new old truck - see the progress!

    Square Wave TIG 200 - Woot!