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Smith AW1 Airline Torch Manual and Linde W-200 Torch Tips

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  • Smith AW1 Airline Torch Manual and Linde W-200 Torch Tips

    I recently bought a second hand Smiths AW1 Airline oxy-acetylene torch and tips but have found very little information online about it. Someone posted about 15 years ago that they had a copy of the manual for it.

    Greatly appreciate if someone can provide me with a copy, ideally a scanned digital version as I live in Perth Western Australia. These torches weren't really available here so I am relying on someone in the US to help me out here.

    Also I have a Linde W-200 torch with a couple of tips but am really chasing tips in the 4 (06L46) to 9 (06L50) or slightly larger (12 or 15) sizes. I've read Prest-O-Lite and Purox tips are supposed to also fit but I guess someone from last Millenium would know more about these things.

    Cheers and thanks in advance, SRM

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    Miller Electric is parent company that produces Smiths torches.... Might go in that direction for help...
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      Thanks for the suggestion but I've been there and done that, hence my request on here.