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Help choosing Oxy torch kit for propane

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  • Help choosing Oxy torch kit for propane

    I'm planning to buy an Oxy/propane torch kit for light/occasional use. Main uses would be brazing, blacksmithing, light cutting. I have a MIG welder and I already use a lot of propane, so propane seems the logical choice and I don't have any interest in acetylene.
    I am looking at the Hobart 770502 medium duty kit and the Victor Medalist 250 for propane.
    The Hobart is made in China and reviews are mixed, seems quality control is poor and I might get unlucky. It is less expensive and if I ever needed to use acetylene, I could. It's also compatible with Victor 100 so replacing/upgrading should be pretty easy.
    The Victor is a little more expensive and is propane/natural gas only. It's hard to find a lot of detail on it and I don't know where it's made. It doesn't include a brazing tip and so far I haven't found one that is compatible with propane.
    Does anyone have experience with either of these or advice?

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    Keep in mind a propane rig requires you have "T" rated hose (all fuels) a "R" rated hose is for acetylene only..... Propane will seriously attract "R" rated hose form inside out and it cause it self destruct at early age...
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      Have a look at this:

      In OA I've had Smith and Harris and they are fine, but found Victor to be the choice for me: Most common style, third party tips are available, most shops and LWS have them, other people are most likely to be familiar with Victor if you want some instruction or help, hold their value for resale. I am an *amateur* here and don't have a propane set up and haven't used one, so this is all fwiw. Lots of Victor-compatible torch kits, but if you have the money get the name brand....As my uncle repeats, "Only a rich man can afford cheap tools."

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