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What is a Victor Type 13 welding tip?

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  • What is a Victor Type 13 welding tip?

    I am considering buying the Hobart Medium Duty Torch Kit 770502 for use with Oxy-Propane. The user manual shows it is compatible with Victor style Type 13 welding/brazing tips. I cannot find them anywhere. Anybody familiar with these?

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    Be aware this "Hobart" torch is a low-end Made-in-China outfit, and not the Hobart quality we are used to. That said, it might be fine for your needs.

    Can you quote the section that tells you what tips you need?

    Maybe it uses Uniweld Type 13 tips, which might be a Victor W-1 series.
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      Thanks for responding.
      Document is OM-251 341B page 5, table 5.3 "Welding (Brazing) Tip Selection Guide.
      Second column is titled "Victor No." and every entry is "Type 13"
      The torch is Victor compatible, so that made sense to me, but I don't really know anything about the various manufacturers.
      I'll look for Uniweld Type 13 and see if I find anything that makes sense.
      I've looked at W-1, and they would fit the torch, but they are not propane compatible (according the Victor Catalog) and the included tip supposedly is.
      I don't have much if any experience so I have no idea what would would happen if I tried to use a welding tip for Acetylene/Hydrogen to braze with propane.


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        I found the Uniweld type 13, which seems to be exactly what I'm looking for, except that one site says it will fit a Victor 100 and another site says it will not. What's the correct answer?
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          For the average back yard torcher using acetylene tip for propane means the flame would be smaller.... The molecular structure of acetylene is smaller than propane so it flows better out of acetylene tip (size/flow is more precisely calibrated) ... Basically (from my experience) the propane tips have slightly bigger orifices to accommodate the flow of larger propane molecules .. And yes there are some specialty tips for propane for seriously precise industrial work....

          FIY Victor W1 series tips are for 100 series torches

          Victor gas welding equipment catalogue the specifications (tips/handle/ hoses/regulators/sets) for everything gas welding....

          Keep in mind a propane rig requires you have "T" rated hose (all fuels) a "R" rated hose is for acetylene only..... Propane will seriously attack "R" rated hose from inside out and cause it self destruct at early age...
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