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Converting From Acetylene to Propylene

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  • Converting From Acetylene to Propylene

    OK... Contemplating change over from acetylene to propylene and understand I need "T" rated hoses.. No Big deal there...

    In regards to acetylene regulator I know the 15 PSI limitation with acetylenes no longer applies , but if I crank propylene to say 25 PSI will that be ok. as working pressure .. As I understand propylene will operate at higher pressures or am I going to have to upgrade regulator....

    Also about cutting and heating tips.... I see quite a bit in Victor catalogue (yes its a Victor 100 series torch) about cutting tip for propylene use but not a lot for heating tips.... Can I cheat and use my acetylene tips:

    How about gas pressures, does propylene need to run at significant higher pressures than acetylene for roughly "same" work?

    And yes I under stand flame temperature are bit less and BTU is a bit less....


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    You will need T hoses as well as propylene specific tips. For heating tips I believe that you would use what they call multi-flame nozzles.

    On the pressure question, unless you are working with very large heating tips you would be looking at 15-25psi on the fuel and 70-100psi on the oxygen. Typically if your working pressure is going to be over 15 psi you need a different regulator, most acetylene regulators are designed for 15psi max working pressure.

    ps. flame temp is lower but BTU is higher you'll also get more life out of your cylinder typically with propylene.