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  • How would you guys answer this question?

    "Hi I’ve one of those annoying little jobs to try and do..

    Struggling to get a replacement barrel or Tap to match our existing bathroom taps.. this small piece broke off the original and one of my only hopes is to repair it somehow?

    The barrel pictured is actually a different size and won’t fit but is very similar..

    If it’s possible to Tig it what specifics do I need please eg Rod and electrodes etc.. "

    Me, I'd use oxy fuel and some silver brazing to get the job done. But that's me. Things are kind of quiet and I thought I'd get a second opinion? Would you have been able to "Tig" this successfully? My experiences say no.

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    I'd have a pro plumber tell me where to get another one, if I couldn't find it myself.

    Why is repairing "the only hope?"

    As for the weld, I'd need to see the broken part, not an example of a good one.


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      Well I poached the question from a UK web site. Things are quiet all across the board it seems? I always liked repair work and thought this question, well this is how I'd do it?
      Maybe someone had a better way, I'd be all ears to hear it?

      Having tried welding brass with Tig, I looked at it and said it ain't going to happen. All that zinc in yellow brass? Poof. It does fusion weld quite decently however with oxy fuel.

      Always assuming, I expected it to be some old tap set, long since available in production and buddy across the pond was looking to avoid that expensive plumber, not wanting to replace with new or as most likely the case, has a someone saying they don't want new taps they want that old antique tap set fixed because happy wife is happy life maybe?

      Again, wasn't my question. I'd choose BAg1 or some kind of silver brazing alloy and bring out the torches.

      - Why is repairing "the only hope?"

      Not to sound like a wanker (lol), but they do things differently over the pond. From reading lots, I've discovered there are reasons behind some of it.