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O2 bottle size?

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  • O2 bottle size?

    I use to lease gas cylinders however where I live now the closest place to get basic welding gasses requires you purchase and exchange cylinders. I could lease but then I'd have to drive an hour one way to exchange them. I used acetylene before but due to the cost of having to purchase the cylinder I'm going to go LPG. I do not weld with a torch yet just heat and cut. I'm still mastering stick welding and I'm going to purchase a mig machine soon. So when the time comes I'll buy the acetylene tank. Anyway I'm planning on running the torch off of a BBQ 20lb tank. Which size o2 tank would you pare with it?. I know burning LP takes more o2. The biggest size tank I can get is 251 cf. There are several smaller tanks available. I really don't need great portability, however I was thinking that a smaller tank may be more useful incase I need to take it somewhere. But I don't want to have to take the tank to get refilled all the time. So any idea how much trigger time you will get from an 80, 125, or 251 cf O2 tank when using LP? What about one of the smaller 40 cf tanks? I was thinking about grabbing a 5 lb tank of LP and a smaller O2 cylinder in the future for portability. Let's say I'm mostly cutting 1/4 inch steel and occasionally 1/2 inch and thicker.

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    I never troubled my self to learn bottle size. My co2 bottle is about knee high and maybe 1ft in diameter. You can do a lot of welding with a bottle of that size. This is just a guess but I don't see a problem running at least 30 pounds of wire with that size.


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      Running O/A with a tip sized for cutting 3/8", you'll use about 60 cubic feet of O2 per hour.
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        Is there much difference in oxygen consumption when cutting with different fuel gases? Preheat time is a factor but once the cutting starts it's the same chemistry....O2 burning steel. I saw a Praxair demo using a propylene fuel gas for cutting and it did a very good job. He said the difference in oxy consumption versus acetylene was practically unnoticeable.
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          Propylene does burn hotter, but is it cost effective over propane....

          Also be aware propane prices are spiking right now.... Who knows what long term prices will be....

          About tank sizes...

          Pic is just FYI (reference) ...

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            Think I'm just not going to worry about it. I'm going to get one of the 251 CF cylinders. If in the future I need portability I'll purchase a smaller bottle.

            Thanks for the replies. Also that's a good reference picture.


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              I don't know why I saw that as co2. I guess i probably actually do see why.


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                I use probably 2 or more 125's to a 20 pound LP tank.
                I use to have a 150, then they said they no longer carried those.
                It was a 135(?) for a couple of years.
                Last time I went in for an exchange, they said 125's only as they others were obsolete.
                Next time around, I am going to push for a "K" size.