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75 degree head bent to a 90 degree head

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  • 75 degree head bent to a 90 degree head

    OK this is a dumb question realy dumb question , I have an old Victor cutting torch it says T1701 and its a 75 degree head (I think) would it be at all advisable to bend the tubes going to the head to make it about 90 degrees ? its just a scrapping torch now plus a fine work cutting torch sometimes so its not a beauty queen .

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    What come to mind here is that there would be a danger of collapsing the tubes, and/or breaking a solder joint on the head. I wouldn't do it.


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      Bending can create leaks at tube joints and damage the internal mixer in some tubes.

      Best to get a 90-degree head torch if you have to have one.

      I'd keep the "tilted" head for reaching into areas a 90 won't go when scrapping. I've been looking for one of those myself.