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  • Parts for old NCG torch

    I have an ancient NCG model SX torch that I use for cutting, but now I'd like to get back to doing some welding with it. Problem is that most of my tips have gone missing over the years.

    Went to all four nearby welding distributors, and got nowhere. One counter man had never even heard of NCG or National Cylinder Gas. Man, that makes me feel old.

    Two other distributors tried looking things up, but came up empty on replacement tips, and both told me to just buy a new torch.

    The last guy looked the torch over, had a huddle with the other guys in the shop, came back to me and said that Rego makes tips to fit. But then he couldn't find any in his literature, and he too told me to just buy a new torch.

    Am I at a dead end here? Do I really own a totally obsolete torch?

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    Personally,, I know it might feel like going against some basic instinct but,,, I would buy a new torch.


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      Turn it into art or sell it on ebay.

      Do the regulators still work?


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        Yep, regulators are newer, and in good shape.

        New torch handles are a problem, too. I'm seeing prices all over the board, from $75 up into the hundreds, for units that look pretty much the same. I'm assuming you get what you pay for, but knowing what that is.....

        As for the NCG handle, it's like an old friend. Hate to just pitch it, since it's in pretty fair shape and works fine with my cutting head. I suppose I could keep it for cutting, and buy just a new handle and tips for my welding and brazing work.

        Bottom line is that I want to be sure I'm at a dead end finding replacement tips before I give up.


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          You might call these folks. The owner used to work for NCG.

          If you do a search on "welding torch repair" you may find some outfits that have parts.

          Edit: Tips for NCG TORCHWELD REGO / REXARC:

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            Here is my take. Ebay or similar Victor handle, tips, cutting head I am sure can be had for under a hundred, maybe less I am not in the market so I don't know exact, but while its true he old one may be trusty enough and all I personally wouldn't invest much in it just due to it being so obsolete, a ranger class Victor is still in production, tips are common, get them in any size you want at cheap price. Kind of like say a federal breaker panel to some extent, yes, can still find new breakers, 20 a piece and obsolesced, can buy a new 6 space panel and couple current Homeline breakers for 30$ at any box store.
            Just a similar example I could think of at the moment, if the NG was free, all worked great, well,, great, but I wouldn't put much effort in obtaining a collection of stuff for it if it involved much cost.


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              Plenty of tips available for cutting, so no reason to toss it.

              A quick Ebay search reveals a variety of NCG welding tips. DUnno if they fit yours.

              Unlike women, you can collect as many torches as you like and they won't get jealous of each other. Victor, Smith, Harris, etc are plentiful and cheap used.


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                .....maybe it's collectable and you can find a home for it and make some worthless FRNns at the same time.......
                So little time...So many machine tools.........

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                  I guess I am just not very nostalgic.


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                    You could obtain a suitable die (or just splice on the threaded end from a Victor "elbow") to convert one of your NCG welding tips to take a selection of Victor ends.

                    Cheaper than another torch, applicable to many other torches, easy and quick, plenty of tips available, problem solved.

                    Pretty pics of the TEN etc, replaceable ends, select appropriate threaded elbow from parts breakdown below:


                    Manual with elbows etc:


                    I guess I am just not very nostalgic.
                    I like puzzles. The more you figure out, the faster you get at all kinds.

                    While I have plenty of Victor stuff, exploring different torch styles is interesting. Torches are somewhat like firearms. Small nuances may appeal to different users.


                    "With the adaptor system, you can cut, weld & heat with acetylene or cut & heat with LP, propane or natural gas."
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                      Old NCG tip

                      I have a used EXU 55 tip for your NCG torch head Will Sell


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                        Oh come on...You are answering a post that is 4 years old....

                        "Fear The Government That Wants To Take Your Guns" - Thomas Jefferson..


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                          Originally posted by Dale M. View Post
                          Oh come on...You are answering a post that is 4 years old....

                          Stupid nearly invisible tiny date fonts strike again!


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                            Parts for old NCG torch

                            I have some old parts that I have been collecting for about 40 years, they are my personal collection and if someone needs something they cant find or is really off the wall, I can check and see what I have. Thanks all.....just joined so please bare with me.


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                              I have a true Victor Cutting Torch and a small Harris Welding Torch set. I was going to buy a cutting head for the Harris but the price was/is ridiculous! So I have the Cutting Torch on Propane and the Welding Torch on Acetylene!