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    Hello Forum

    I recently bought a Oxy/Acetylene setup. It was used in a engine shop and the torch and tips etc are pretty dirty (a grease film). What is the best way to clean the equipment?



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    As long as there is no oil or grease in the torch body or tips, then cleaning is cosmetic. Pretty much any NON CAUSTIC (organic) cleaner can be used to wipe down the outside of the torch (cable cleaner, alcohol, acetone, etc). Caustic cleaners (even things like simple green) can damage red metals. Be careful not to let any residue or cleaner get into the torch, as residue may spontaneously flare in the presence of oxygen and may damage seals, o-rings, etc. Also be careful of letting solvents get too close to the gas valves where there may be contact with the seals from the outside. DO NOT soak the torch or directly spray it with solvents.

    If there is anything in the gas passages, send the torch out for reconditioning. It is relatively inexpensive and will avoid unpleasantness later.

    The tips can be cleaned the same way, but they can be soaked in solvent, as there are noi seals. Be careful of residue, especially with cutting tips, as they may see pure oxygen.

    Do yourself a favor before use and pick up a tip cleaner (little round wire files in a flip out set for cleaning the tip passages) and, if you have cutting tips or a rosebud (heating) tip, a tip dresser (a cutting blade in a holder that fits over the tip and is rotated to cut the end back if it gets banged up)

    Be careful when using the tip cleaning and dressing tools. It is easy to file the orifices out of round or oversize.
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      Good Advise above,
      I will only add a couple points.

      1) never blow out anything with compressed air, the air might contain oil particles from the compressor

      2) Never lubricate ANYTHING

      3) 70% rubbing alcohol is great for cleaning the torch parts

      4) leak check everything before lighting, all connections, o-rings, valve stems.

      5) the valves should shut off easily with a very light touch, if they dont, fix the situation before using it.
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        Cleaning Equipment

        Enlpck & Aerometalworker

        Thank you, the information you provided will be very helpful in getting this equipment up and running.