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  • Which Victor?

    Ok so Pop and I are debating which torch set to get for entry level home use. The medium or heavy duty Victor Cutskill or the Super range 2, so thats 3 choices. I'm leaning towards the Super range 2 (big regs) however a smaller sized torch would be nice too. I'm not worried about price since I'm looking at IOC anyways.

    As far as availability of tips, accessories, regs and what not; which would you guys pick? And again its mostly going to be for light duty and heating (just don't want to get stuck with a real cheapo). Also keep in mind tips for propane heating and cutting. Super range 2, Cutskill HD, Cutskill MD. I just want a solid torch that can take a moderate beating.
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    I've never used anything but a Journeyman, but I hear a lot more about the Super Range II than the others.


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      I got the super range 2 and love it, the torch is a little small but it dose what I need.


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        Keep an eye out for used....I have two full set ups and have less than $400 (closer to $300) including a 251 oxy and a new 30lbs. LP tank.... I like the smaller torch for quick work or in tight areas but love the 315 torch for long heating/cutting as it keeps my hand away from the work as well as the flame end.......the smaller torch will cut as thick as you will ever want to with a torch...the regs. will put out as much fuel / oxy as you'd ever need as well.... but once the regs need to be rebuilt the larger ones will be worth it .....the smaller ones you'd be better off replacing...... as for LP tips ebay is your friend for price and availability but don't forget the brick and morter LWS as you will need to get your oxy. from them so picking up some tips from time to time will go a long way.....
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          Thanks guys. While I'd love to have a Journeyman I have no need for something that big and no way to justify the cost, plus I'd rather save some cash for tips and tanks. Plus for the cost of a new Victor 315 set I could pick up a Smith WH200 set for cheaper. Last thing I want to do is be looking for a $250 set and end up buying a $400-500 set.

          Thanks to Mike, hadn't crossed my mind about regulator rebuilds. Also not a whole lot of welding equip around here. Rarely used anything from torches to mills.

          Also to drive to the LWS is about how much it costs for 2 cutting tips plus an hour with no radio.

          Next I have to decide, the "local" Arcet shop, BOC, National, etc. Then lease or buy. That comes later... Looking like the Super 2 at the moment.

          Edit: After further investigation the Super range 2 is looking better simply because its in the pro line. Plus probably a step up in quality from the Cutskill.
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          Son of usmcpop. Lincoln SP175+, Miller Syncrowave 250, Miller Dialarc 250 AC/DC, Victor O/A, Index 745 Mill, Clausing 5904 lathe, Harbor Freight 8x12 lathe.

          Accurate is a relative term...right?


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            The Super Range is a good outfit.


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              Originally posted by Sberry View Post
              The Super Range is a good outfit.
              Funny you should mention that. I just saw a new-in-box kit with two tanks (size unspecified) for $250. on CraigsList. Unfortunately, it's a bit far afield to check out unless I happen to be doing a customer call in the next few days. We still have our eyes open, and will pounce on a good deal here shortly. The kid is too good at oxy/acetylene welding and brazing to let him let his skills slip.

              I'm so glad that is the first class he took. His braze welding was nice, and he claims that's pretty hard compared to other stuff he's done. The MIG, TIG and stick stuff just seemed to fall in line after that.
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                Check these out. Not selling for anyone, but have dealt with this company personally and liked their service. They've been relisted a couple times, so they must be going unnoticed. 3 available. ---Mike---


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