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    I am gettting ready to buy a torch set-up and am wondering, if torch sets cost around $150, and the "portable torch set" like the ones at home depot w/small tanks cost $280, how much can i expect to pay for moderate sized tanks?

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    I understand that adapters are needed to convert the "portable kit" gauges to full sized tanks. Also, the small, portable tanks offer very limited gas supply, and are to be avoided for general welding use because they prove expensive and inconvenient. Ask some welders before you buy. You will find that what seems like the least expensive way of getting into any aspect of welding seldom is, in the end.
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      If by moderate you mean 75/80 cubic foot tanks, about $300.

      These are full, at $340.

      Indiana Oxygen has empty ones for $277./pair.

      Check your local Craigslist for used (but legitimate) tanks or even a complete setup.
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        thanks guys. just called local supplier, $320 for what they call a plumbers set with 60 cu ft oxy tank and acyt tank to match, with first fill. refill on that size is $50. refill on the small portable tanks at home depot, etc is $37, so in the long run i think the bigger tanks w/ a regular set of torches will be more cost effective and versetil


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          Bigger is better, get the largest size tanks you can afford you will save on the cost of refills. If you will be cutting with the torch. I believe they used to say it was around 3 oxygen tanks to one acetylene tank.
          Plus it will always run out when the LWS is closed and no hope of opening in the next 36 hours.
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            Three to one on cutting is about right.

            Absolutely get the largest you can accomadate and afford. Unless you are doing a very limited amount of work with your torch the small bottles are frustrating. The larger the bottle, the cheaper the cost, per cubic foot, of the gas you buy. I use a 244 cu. ft. oxygen bottle. It lasts a long time and a refill (exchange actually) only costs about 15% more than a bottle half it's size. A 300 cu. footer reduces the gas cost even more but darn, those things are big and HEAVY.